Online Recharter regarding Scouts turning 18

Our Boys Scout recharter is due on 1/31/22. We have 2 scouts turning 18 the first week of February 2022.
Should we remove the “aging out” boys off the recharter, wait a month until their 18th birthday and add them as the unit college reserve once they turn 18?
Would the “aging out” boys will be allowed to participate if they are not registered with the charter?
Can all their advancement, MB and rank information be transferred if they keep their BSA# when they list as unit college reserve?
Other than YPT, what else will be needed for the unit college reserve?
Thank you for your insight.

leaving off charter is easiest I think - if they are done with advancement

Age outs, once registered as USR, could participate as adults in the unit, not youth, following all YPT guidelines.

Not sure what you mean on advancements

They need to submit an adult application and complete the background checks. I would include their existing BSA ID on the adult application to minimize the chances of getting a new BSA ID, and make sure that their Scoutbook and records reflect their full legal name, as does their adult application, so that doesn’t case a mismatch. Also, they should use the same email address for Scoutbook/my.scouting and their adult application for that reason. If it’s an email to which they’re going to lose access (e.g. a school email address), now is a good time for them to change their email address to something more permanent.

Thank you both for your insight and replies. This was very helpful information.