How to Remove a Scouter (adult leader) from a Patrol

I added a leader to a Patrol to admin it, but I realized another way to give all my ASM rights to all Scouts via Connections Manager now I can’t remove the Scouter from the Patrol!!! I can add one but cannot remove one. Anyone with ideas???

That’s odd. You should just be able to add an end date to the Patrol Admin position. What happened when you tried that? Did it throw an error?

Yes, that worked. To give them an end date to the position. It’s seems counter-interuitive to be able to add the role but you cannot remove them without this end around way.

It was actually a conscious change from the way things worked before, although I’m not quite clear on the reasoning. Previously, memberships/positions could be deleted, but now they require that an end date be applied. Just speculating, but it might be the BSA’s round-about method of making sure they can backtrack who had access, even briefly, to someone’s PII.

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