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Scout in 2 Patrols

We recently changed Patrols and I have one scout who is still listed in the old patrol but also in the new patrol where he is supposed to be. Him being in the old patrol is keeping me from being able to delete this old patrol.

Any suggestions or thoughts on what I need to do?

@JeanannGoss - you can put an end date in the prior patrol membership item. Go to that scout then click membership and most likely it is listing two current memberships. Click on the one that needs to end and enter an end date. In thinking about this, did the scout have a leadership position in the prior patrol. If so, that would need an end date.

When I click on the Scout inside the patrol that needs to be deleted and look at his membership it only shows the new patrol that he is supposed to be in. It doesn’t show up with this old patrol.
Also, when I click on the edit patrol from the one I want to delete, it says approve, not disapprove, so I’m not sure what to do to get rid of it.

does the scout have a leadership position assigned to the old patrol?

No he doesn’t. It is just weird. I’m going to see if I can add all the others into this patrol, rename it and then delete the new patrol that was created.

use the reassign button on the patrol page - tag me if you need a screenshare to figure it out