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Cannot Remove a Scout & Removing Leaders

I have one cub scout that crossed over to Scouts BSA and I cannot remove him from our pack.

I also have a couple of leaders that are no longer leaders in our pack. How do I remove them as den leaders?

for the scout all you have to do is have an admin put an end date on the membership - for the adults put an end date on their leadership position

ok. I just need to add that end date to the adults then. It’s funny because when the Webelos crossed over, I didnt end the adult positions and they all disappeared except this one. Thank you.

I really wish they had a training guide. I have all new leaders coming in after we leave and no real documents of how to do things.

What probably happened is that the adults probably put in a transfer application to be adult leaders with the troop.

If the Scouts is still showing on your roster, check to see if he has a Cub Scout and a Scouts BSA membership that are both active. This happens sometimes, but can easily be fixed by adding an end date to the Cub Scout membership with the pack.

You might send a note to the troop they went to asking them to check if the transfer app ever went through.

@ChristineSmith2 there are tons of docs and videos at help.scoutbook.com

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