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How to remove completed advancement (not leader approved)

A scout was inaccurately marked “completed” of her siblings’ advancement adventures for several ranks.

How do we remove the “completed” status?

There are instructions here for how to remove an erroneously-marked merit badge/merit badge requirement. You can use something similar when removing the erroneously-marked advancement requirement, just go into the rank and adventure rather than the merit badge.

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Thank you, Charley - especially thanks for the link!

I didn’t realize I’d need to go into each adventure and delete the date and Save for every task, as well as the adventure, itself.

Do you know if there is a way to review/bulk remove errors?

Sadly, no. Bulk creation of mistakes is easy, bulk removal is hard. :wink:

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Try the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook. It has an “Undo Requirements” that might work for this situation.

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Thank you for that tip, Jennifer. :slight_smile:

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