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How to remove 'connections' from adult who has left the Pack and is no longer shown in 'connections manager'

I have an adult leader who has left the Pack and has been removed from the roster, however when I view individual scout’s profiles the adult is still shown as having an existing connection (ie able to fully control the account). It is this way for all scouts in the Pack and that adult. The adult is no longer present in ‘connections manager’ otherwise I could click on him and have him removed across all scouts.

How can I remove his connections to all scouts in the pack?


You have 2 choices.

  1. go to each Scout’s connection page and remove the connection.
  2. make the adult an adult leader again, use Connection Manager to end the connections then end or remove the leadership position.

Option 1 is far too cumbersome, option 2 worked like a charm … thanks.