How to removed scout from Scoutbook roster

Scoutbook is listing rank advancements entered by someone I’ve never hear off. Found out that the scout transferred to another troop. There was some issues transferring the scout and he still shows up on our roster and therefore on reports for what needs to be awarded. Can I remove this scout from our scoutbook roster? Not sure why he shows as having two BSA Ids.

BSA Member ID:
Previous BSA Member ID:

@TwilaLytle - what shows on the membership section of the scout in question? If there are two current memberships one in your unit and one in the other… you could end the one in your unit.

Yes I see two memberships, but the only option I see is reassign patrol. How do I remove him from our troop.

@TwilaLytle - what shows in each membership… perhaps some screen shots


This Scout was registered in your troop from 9/1/2021 through 9/30/2023 with the MID 137357520. The scout transferred to a Troop in The Spirit of Adventure Council on 10/1/2023.

If the Scout is no longer active in your troop, go to your troop roster, click on the Scout’s name, click on his Membership, select your troop membership enter and end date then click Update.

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Thank you. The scout is no longer on the troop roster or reports.

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