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Scout showed twice on roster after also joining crew. Merging accounts created a mess

I have a scout that has been in the troop for 5+ years. He recently joined crew and was given a second BSA ID#, causing him to show twice on our roster. Council merged the two accounts, but merged the old account into the new BSA ID#. This has resulted in lost Merit Badges, camping nights, service hours, hiking hours, and other awards. Is there any way to clean this up easily? This scout will be earning his Eagle rank and ageing out in a few months and I would like to get his records cleaned up before then. I do have backups from before the merge if that helps.

If you post the Scout’s BSA member number (no names), we can take a look.

Troop BSA ID#: 129922837 joined 05/27/2016
merged into
Crew BSA ID#: 13627551 joined 11/8/2020

Thank You

@JenniferOlinger do you have an update on this?

@JamesDenman I sent you a private message.