How to track arbitrary training

As a cub leader, I want to track when my cubs have special training. An example would be that before we allow the cub to be part of the color guard, they need to have gone through color guard training. This tracking should be made available to cubmasters and den leaders.

@DuyVo1 - training is NOT in scoutbook it is in Those are the trainings recognized by the BSA

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Hi Stephen,

I’m asking about training that is not recognized by the BSA. Is there a way we can track custom training. The example is we want to certify that a scout has completed training on how to handle the colors before they can join the color guard detail.


@DuyVo1 - if you look at the training list in that is the authorized and recognized training list, i dont recall color guard training for cub scouts.
A spreadsheet with your invented would work

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Scoutbook supports official BSA programs only. If you want to track arbitrary training you will need to do so outside of Scoutbook. You could use a Google Sheets spreadsheet that is shared among your leaders for example.


@DuyVo1 - two things to ponder… added requirements is a hard no and second its cub scouts so its do your best

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