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Tracking non-registered adult YPT

We have a troop rule that adults (mostly, but not exclusively, parents) who camp with us need to keep YPT current, even if they are not registered leaders. With scoutbook now defaulting to my.scouting for training records, is this something that we can track in scoutbook?

KevinNickels, I don’t think you can unless they are registered with your unit. I have the same issue with our MBCs - they are managed at District and I can’t see their training status either.

The Scoutbook Feature Extension does this for you. Links on page 3 and 4 for Chrome and Firefox.

I saw that - so I can make accounts for these folks who presumably have my.scouting credentials (since they took YPT) but are NOT on my unit roster, and get a report on their YPT status? How do I add them to my unit scoutbook roster, especially those who are not parents?

Also - I thought that scoutbook had essentially given up on importing/tracking/reporting training for adults, they just point to my.scouting instead? (see

The parents are connected to scouts - their BSA # has to be in their profile.
The non-parents is a little confusing - are we talking about grandparents? They could be connected to scouts as Family members. If it is just hangers on - your committee might want to re-evaluate that.

Yes tracking of training is shifting but YPT is holding on for now.

Why not just require them to register as leaders? Add them as committee members, and then you don’t have to try to flex the system to get it to work.


Copy on the parents, sounds like this will work for them.

The non-parents - call them ‘consultants’ - many are ex-scouters who have specialized training. For example, RSOs who help us once or twice a year with shooting events, or climbing instructors who help with climbing events, etc… They are not connected to individual scouts. I think that I could have made a scoutbook account for them, put their BSAID in, added them as leaders, and tagged them as e.g. Unit Scouter Reserve. But since they’re not formally registered with our unit, and scoutbook isn’t pulling data from my.scouting anymore, not sure that would work anymore.

Or does your comment imply that scoutbook is still pulling YPT info from my.scouting by BSAID (cf by unit) - at least for now? If that is the case, the flow above might still work.

(BTW - for background - this unit has been using TroopMaster for years and is doing a deep dive on scoutbook to determine what features they would have to give up to make the move.)

@SteveCagigas - because Alamo Area Council doesn’t allow non-fully-trained leaders, or “Unit Scouter Reserve” positions :frowning:

I’m not going to ask an ex-scouter to keep committee training up to date and pay $33/year for the privilege of helping us out once or twice a year.

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Scoutbook no longer tracks adult training other than to determine if a Merit Badge Counselor has completed YPT. We expect the Show Adult YPT Status report in the Feature Assistant Extension to stop working soon.

If you need to track non-registered adult YPT, you will need to request training certificates and track it outside of Scoutbook.

And looking at the build queue I think that YPT Tracker in the extension will break with an upcoming update to SB

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None of the training required for committee members other that YPT expires, so if they’re former committee members, they’re golden on the training side. Unless you’re talking about dozens of “consultants” can your troop eat the cost of their annual re-charter?

Or, just have them print you a copy of their YPT certificate prior to the events.

Thanks @edavignon. That’s what I suspected. We as a unit are really comparing feature sets between TroopMaster and ScoutBook to see what we would need to give up to move. So yes we are kind of explicitly “flexing the system” as @SteveCagigas says to see how far it will stretch.

In general, i expect the tool to stretch to fit the (always local) scouting program, not the other way around. So solutions like signing up consultants as committee members so we can track them are, IMO, non-starters. (somewhat tangentially, some are ex-committee members. some are ex-ASMs, some are just ex-parents)

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There is an item in the backlog to create a report of YPT for parents connected to any Scout in the unit. Since there is no BSA requirement for non-registered parents to complete YPT, this may not be given a high priority.

I have no idea how Scoutbook could track YPT for adults that are not connected to your unit as a leader or parent.

I have been keeping ScoutBook up-to-date until the Troop hopefully switches when our TM subscription expires next year, so I am still learning the new system. How are parents, that aren’t registered leaders, getting BSA ID #s? My wife, who was in ScoutBook when my son was in Cub Scouts, is still in the system, but she doesn’t have a BSA ID #. Since our unit hasn’t used ScoutBook yet, most of our parents aren’t in the system - is that required?

A BSA# is not required to be linked to a Scout as a parent and use Scoutbook.

Anyone can get a BSA# by simply creating an account in

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