How to unapprove counselor appoval on Merit Badge?

Parent of Scout approved a Merit Badge as counselor but I’m the counselor. Who has permission to clear the approval and how do they do it?

Note: Parent may have Edit Advancement permissions for the Troop but I’m unable to confirm this. So its not clear this is a bug but just a mistake on parent’s part.

It is not yet Leader Approved.

@JamesSperry - were you connected to the scout as the MBC ? How do you know they approved it… screen shots are good to have here. Now I will note that every parent has full control rights over their respective scout. If they are not also a registered leader they can mark items completed but NOT approved.

I’m the Counselor for the MB and also ASM in the Troop (with Edit Advancement). In the screenshot the “by” person listed next to “Counselor Approved” is the parent

@JamesSperry - well that did not answer the question. Were you connected as the MBC ? That is a connection in addition to the other roles.

Sorry @Stephen_Hornak , to answer that specifically I am not connected as counselor.

@JamesSperry - well then there is your issue.

@Stephen_Hornak There is no counselor connected in Scoutbook. I’m trying to understand how the parent was able to approve as counselor. And more specifically how the advancement coordinator can undo the improper parental “counselor” approval

@JamesSperry - ok… is the merit badge completed? If not then remove the date completed and save. You could have also checked out the help section in scoutbook as well for this like this

This seems like the second “non-counselor marking a MB Counselor Approved” I’ve seen today…

Yup! Here’s the other one: Somehow a MB shows as Counselor Approved by the Scout

@DonovanMcNeil was looking into that one. Not sure if he’s still on, or if the two are potentially related. In both cases, there was no MBC connected/assigned in Scoutbook.

@CharleyHamilton - ah thank you for that link. That one seemed to indicate that the scout performed the counselor approval.

I apologize for being terse in my replies. But the completion can be reversed

Clearing the date and saving didn’t “unearn” the MB. Upon save, it just changed the previously “Marked Completed” and “Counselor Approved” approvals over to me.

@JamesSperry - I would look at the individual requirements and as counselor you can remove the dates of any requirements not done.

Thanks that did the trick. Unmarking the incomplete requirement then allowed me to clear the earned date for the MB.

Interestingly, the MB still says “Counselor Approved”

But the problem is solved

thanks for your patience

Could you provide the scout’s bsa member number (no names) so we can look into it?

Thank you. Should be 131094366

This is my situation. I am the merit badge counselor. The Scout never spoke with the Scoutmaster, the parent assigned me as the counselor and signed the merit badge as completed.

@MollyannHesser That only means the scout feels they are ready to be tested. Counselor approved means it’s signed off.

ETA I agree they should have had a conversation with the SM before contacting or connecting with you per the Guide to Advancement.


The Scout has yet to connect with me.

“Connected” is a scoutbook term for being setup as as the MBC. Someone obviously did that based on the screenshot you provided.

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