How to UNassign training?

I have recently finished my time with our local Pack, and have transitioned to the associated Troop. I found that there was some “Assigned” position-specific training left over from the Pack association (which I did, I defensively add, because I did one version of all that training before they revised it and called it something else. ARGH). I have no need to do the “assigned” training that remains.

How can I un-assign the training for myself? I can only find postings about assigning training – and how that is only possible for a person to assign training to themselves, I believe?

I have actually been tempted to just go ahead and redo the training just to get it off my ‘assigned’ list. But that would be hours of unnecessary, repetitive training. Yeeks.


Are you talking about specific modules or all of a certain course? Your troop committee chair can credit you for an entire course using Training Manager in my.Scouting. That should removed the ‘assigned training.’

I’ll try that! Thanks!

Similar question, I have three “assigned” courses, but no idea why they were assigned to me. One is pack committee leader training, which I took in person years ago, and since I haven’t been a pack leader in years I have no reason to take, another is unit commissioner, which I am already trained for, including those courses, and YPT, which it says I’m 40% done as of 04 Jan 2022, yet I completed the course and have the certificate dated 18 Jan 2022. How do I get this updated? I’m a troop committee chair so I have key 3 access, but I do understand that I’m not supposed to be able to alter my own training. What do I do?

Are you currently a unit commissioner? This affects what you can do or lookup.

What are your current registered positions? You can look this up on the myScouting app or at the myScouting tools website,

Many adult volunteer roles have learning plans associated with them. At the BSA Learn Center you can also select learning plans to work on.


@ElizabethJohnston - YPT at 40 means you did not take all of the modules. YOU MUST TAKE ALL SECTIONS then the exam.


Your YPT is showing that it expires 1/18/2024. Are you logging in to with a ID starting with yes?

As I said, the three courses I have in my “assigned” file now are courses I have already taken. I am a key three (troop CC) and before that I was a pack CC, so I have been the one assigning courses to leaders. I am a fully trained CC, and a fully trained UC, and I haven’t been at the pack level since 2018, so there is no need to take any pack level courses.

This looks more like an update to a course that was automatically sent out, except that there was no annnouncement for a mandatory update for CC or UC.

Yes as I said, I had taken ALL the courses and was holding the dated completed certificate in my hand. It seemed that it took longer than a few days to update the status.

Yes I was. Your post is dated June, but as of the April date I posted it was still showing as 40% done, even though I had a printed copy of Jan 18, 2022 YPT certificate in my hand. By now it has updated, so that problem is solved. At the time we were working on recharter so I just handed in a printed copy of my status since online still showed 40%.

@ElizabethJohnston - at any rate if you are looking at Your Training > Requirements then indeed the key thing is the trained icon next to the position/role. For me I have MBC showing the trained patch but below it has the classroom training which I have and the new on-line modules showing take course. As long as I show trained that is all that matters… I just ignore them or I could take them.

That’s what I have done, just curious why it’s there. I won’t worry about it moving forward.

@ElizabethJohnston - change in position requirements and or optional training methods. In the case of MBC they added the on-line training.