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Training Manager and How to Assign Training

I’m a Key 3 Delegate. We do not have an assigned Training Manager, but I am currently assisting in that role. I have some registered leaders that have logged into their training.scouting.org accounts, to find they do not have any position specific training assigned to them for the role in which they are currently registered. They have not previously completed the position specific training, and I confirmed in the training manager that they have not completed the position specific training.

For example, I have a Committee Member that has not completed position specific training for that role, and when she logs into training.scouting.org, there is no training “Work Assigned.”

My question is - How do I assign the training to their accounts so that it populates under “Work Assigned” in their training.scouting.org courses? I’m attempting to get the last few trained before Oct 31 for JTE. Thanks.

I don’t think you can assign training to other users, but they should be able to assign it to themselves.

After they log in at my.scouting, have them go to:

Menu -> My Training then click on the “Training Center” tab.

Next click on the applicable program (Cub Scouting, etc.), and they will be taken to the training center where they select their position (for example: Pack Committee Member).