Unassigning a training


A leader in my unit (troop) has legacy trainings assigned to her in my.scouting.org from the time se was in cubscouting.
There is no unassign button; how can she delete those trainings from her track?


They cannot be unassigned as the assignment for learning plans is triggered based on a position code. They simply ignore the assignment as their is nothing that forces them to complete it. It is primarily there for folks new to a position to assist them in jumping to the training.

It is a bit odd as one can “self assign”, but not “self unassign”.

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If it was possible, with 980,000 users do not have the labor to unassign learning plans, especially when folks change roles or have multiple roles.

@NicolasRietsch Are you referring to My Learning → Learning Plans (at the training site)?

If so, I found a way to unenroll from learning plans:

  1. Click on the name of the learning plan.
  2. Underneath the picture (for example: Pack Committee), click on the carat just to the right of “More”.
  3. Then click on “Unenroll”.

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