BSA Learn Center shows "Assigned" modules, but they've long been complete

When I visit (and then directed to after clicking on “Training Courses By Program”) and look at my training, it shows a couple of “Assigned” modules which have long been completed; Cub Scout Den Leader, YPT Certification Test v2.

I completed C42 and all the CS19 modules years ago. And I’ve recertified YTP a couple of times since I first took in 2019 (most recently April '23). Even recertified Hazardous Weather Training.

Den Leader isn’t my primary role, I am Committee Chair, but fully trained there, too.

What triggers this “Assigned” label, and what clears it (and why hasn’t it cleared?). Could it have been associated with my earlier BSA ID (12917162), both in Spirit of Adventure Council, 227.

Primary BSA ID: ID13339279


Users enroll in different learning plans on their own. There is an “Enroll” button.

@TimothyRogers Should there be a “Disenroll” button for learning plans? I think it might be missing.

Probably left over from being assigned in the different member ID. System assigns based on position cod from my.scouting as trigger. You can try

  1. Click on the name of the learning plan.
  2. Underneath the picture (for example: Pack Committee), click on the carat just to the right of “More”.
  3. Then click on “Unenroll”.
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I tried a couple of different browsers, not seeing what you describe, unfortunately. There’s no carat, and no “More”. Maybe with my prior BSA ID? But frankly, I went through enough pain resolving stuff because of the other BSA ID being made prior to me knowing, I don’t want to mess with it by experimenting.