HTML error in Event email

In an Event I created, I have the following BBCode:

[b][url=]Cold-weather gear[/url][/b]

This came in as the following HTML in my email:

<strong><a href="" target="_blank">Cold-weather gear<

That line break before “/a> resulted in almost the entire rest of the email being part of that link.


Can you post the EventID? It is in the URL when you click on the event. This will help the developers investigate.

Is this the same event that did not send the 1 day reminder?

Yes it is. I linked it above; the ID is 3576489.

Apparently someone fixed it; thanks! The 1-day reminder just fired (which means people got two notifications within about an hour; oh well), and it looks right. I also just got another notification that should have fired more than three hours ago.

Thanks again!

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