I can't add a new leader position to a current leader

I am trying to add a leader position for a current leader, but it does not have the “add position” button on his page.

@KarenJackson If you could post the adult’s BSA member number, we can take a look (no names, please).

The BSA number is 113342031.

That is a call Council issue - there is no Active registration

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I don’t really know what I am looking at…

It means that this adult’s registration as a Den Leader expired on 3/31/2022.

This adult is not currently registered as an adult leader.

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@KarenJackson As Cubmaster, you should be able to see your pack’s official Roster at my.scouting.

(Please note that Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered registered adult leaders by the BSA.)

Dies he need to fill out another application?

@KarenJackson - well entirely possible depending upon your council and CO

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Usually. If you don’t recharter somehow, the only way to get back on the roster is a new application however it is allowed in your council (electronic, paper then scanned, or physical paper).

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