I cannot add new leaders

Hi, Scoutbook will not allow me to add new leaders. I am looking up adults with Scoutbook accounts and it returns no results. I have even copy/pasted the BSA numbers from their parent accounts to ensure that they are being entered correctly. I see there was a similar post very recently with the same challenge. However, my issue is still ongoing.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Just cause a parent has a BSA number it does not mean they are a registered leader. Post the BSA # and we can tell you if they are registered @RobinVanDyke

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Hi, they are not a registered leader. Applications were submitted with recharter in December and have not been processed. In fact, nothing has been processed in four months. I was trying to add leaders with existing BSA accounts so we can function in the meantime.

If they are not registered they cannot be leaders in SB. I would contact council to see what the issue is.

If this is for your troop your recharter is processed - they might have gotten new MIDs - post a BSA # and we can see

The two that I am working on are
BSA # 13015993
BSA # 13302212

The second one should be found as he is a registered MBC. I can find him in my SB

Yes, but when I enter his BSA number to assign him as an ASM, it doesn’t find him. However, in the time this conversation has occurred, everyone on my roster - adults and scouts have the yellow triangle.

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