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Advancement Problems


Today I discovered that a significant portion of my son’s advancements were wiped clean on Scoutbook. All of his advancement with Bobcat and Wolf just disappeared. I was able to re-enter his advancements in Bobcat, but now I’m having trouble with entering additional advancements.

My Dashboard >> NAME >> NAME’s Advancement >> Wolf >> I click on anything and it takes me back to My Dashboard.

Is anyone else having trouble with advancements? Thank you.

@TannerNielsen What do you see when you go to his Scout’s Membership page? Does he have a current membership in a den? A den and a pack?

Thank you. Yes, he is assigned to a Pack. I am his Pack Admin.

I have been fiddling with the Advancements page, and for some reason the bug is only occurring when I try to click on individual requirements. If I click on a rank, then click “Percent Completed” at the top of the page, I can enter a date and approve him for the entire rank, but clicking on individual requirements redirects me to My Dashboard. If I clicked on Call of the Wild, Council Fire, Duty to God Footsteps, etc., I was redirected to My Dashboard. But if I clicked Percent Completed, I was able to mark the entire rank as completed.

@TannerNielsen - more importantly is your scout assigned to an appropriate den.

Can you take a screenshot of his Membership page? The part under Current Membership?

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