Why is my Roster showing that my COR is not Approved?

Hi, upon reviewing my Pack’s roster post-rechartering, it looks like my COR’s renewal was not approved. I don’t know why, and I’m not sure how to resolve it. I could reach out to my District Executive, but that typically takes a few weeks and several emails, so I figured I’d try here first.

Hardware: Desktop
OS: Windows
Browser: Chrome
Browser Cache: recently cleared
Member ID affected: 12926610
Council: Northern New Jersey Council
My role: Committee Chair

With rechartering settled, I went in to check my Roster and see that my COR, Marcelino, is not listed as I expected. In the ROSTER section, it correctly shows his Roles (COR, Committee Member, Key 3). But his RENEWAL STATUS is Submitted, not Current or Completed.

If I scroll further down, under MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL ORDERS, he is listed as Status=Submitted but Approved=No.

He’s paid, his YPT is good until Jan 2026, he’s been continuously with the Pack for several years, serving multiple roles. Why is he not approved, and is that bad for our Pack? I know we need a COR, and don’t think we could have successfully rechartered without one.

Though I do see that for Paid, it says “No” for him. I included him on our rechartering, and then paid by check directly to our District (vs paying online). Looking back at the paperwork generated at Rechartering, he is listed in the Adult Member section, and is also again listed in the Multiple Adult Member section, I guess because he is both COR and Committee Member.

I should note that just today he was able to log in to My.Scouting and approve the Renewal of our Cubmaster, in relation to Issue 419193. So his account seems to be working.


@YervantDermenjian - talk to your council about this

OK. Would that be my District Executive, who is frequently swamped? Or is there are different member of the staff in a Council best suited for this type of issue?


In most councils this would be the Registrar. The DE types are more program related.

Registrar is probably the best to talk to

I emailed my Registrar. Thanks for the advice.

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