I have Scoutmaster Key 3 access in SB but it disappeared in IA for the calendar

When I was first added as Scoutmaster in Scoutbook it took a couple days for me to show up as Scoutmaster in Internet Advancement. I only appeared as a parent so I couldn’t enter calendar events or take attendance at meetings. Then I showed up as Scoutmaster in IA for a few glorious days. Now I am just a parent again and can’t take attendance, even though I am still Unit Scoutmaster in Scoutbook with full access there. WHY? And how do I fix it?


Have you selected the proper role in the upper right of the IA window? I suspect this is set to Parent and not to Scoutmaster.

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Yeah, I am only listed as parent there for 883, although I still have access as Committee member and Associate Advisor in other units

I have a lot of units and positions - Scoutmaster in my primary is the only one not showing


I’ll send you a private message. Look for an envelope on the orange circle with red T.