I have two accounts using the same email address that need to be merged

I have an account that is mine from when I was a scout and now have a second that was created when my son joined scouts and I was added to the new Troop as an adult leader.
I would like to have these accounts merged they are both associated with the same email address.

@JoelDean Your e-mail address was on your son’s Scoutbook account. I have cleared it and synced his e-mail address from my.Scouting.

Thank you Jennifer!
Do you know if it is possible to add my info from my previous BSA ID? I noticed that others have Eagle rank displayed and was hoping to be able to access my merit badges.
For additional information I have not been able to access my older information even though I requested a password reset through the system.

@JoelDean You should be able to switch your BSA ID at my.Scouting (Manage Member ID). Just be careful not to log in to Scoutbook with the older BSA number as primary, or you will likely create a new Scoutbook account.

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