Duplicate parent accounts merge

I have a parent who had a scoutbook account, then registered as an adult leader. They now have two accounts.

BSA member IDs

Can those be merged? Can the person merge them themselves and if so, are there instructions somewhere?

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@mmars this is fixed

We have the same issue. Their original/parent/YPT BSA# 13236063, but once registered as a leader they were given a new BSA #14215841. Scoutbook won’t let us use their email address on the new BSA# because it is used in their original BSA/Scoutbook account. Please merge, so this leader can log in and have access as the Troop Admin/Committee Member.

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@EliasEl_Hage This is fixed

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Thank you! I now see her email address in her Leadership role in Scoutbook.

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I have the same issue.

Scoutbook UserID: 1796284 and 10610023

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I also have a some merging that needs to take place please. User ID 12001447 (no BSA listed) and User ID 12010835/ BSA #137370210 both have the moms name listed but the 2nd one has the dads info. The dad created a scoutbook account User Id 120404134/ BSA #14201459. When you have time, if you could please merge the 1st two accounts together for the mom and take the email from the 2nd and put it in the 3rd account, it would be greatly appreciated.

@CharlesParent does that parent know their my.scouting.org username and login? That is preferred for the system over the email login - I see both and they have logged in with both

@CraigRosner those are fixed

That is how the dad setup the account. He shows that he’s connected to his sons but he can’t put anything in. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the email which said “changeemail@scoutbook” I see you already made the changes.

Thank you for your help

I will reach out to him and report back

I see that the dad does not have full control clicked for his sons? All the others are. It is not allowing me to change it. Will that affect his ability?

@CraigRosner odd but i fixed it

Disregard. I reached out to the parent and was informed they will be dropping due to sports schedules conflicting.

Are you doing these ad hoc or is there another “behind the scenes” way that pack admins can do this?

@MichaelCasella Pack admins do not have this ability

Got it. I have a tricky one maybe that we haven’t been able to crack all year. Can you please check this one and see if you can help?

user ID: 11898578 and 6661637

This person used to be a district exec (in a council that has since been reorganized). now that he has a scout in the program he was having trouble and allegedly could not log in.


I merged them @MichaelCasella - he got into the second one 2 weeks ago - it is setup for him to click the Log in with Goggle button - does he want the scouting.org or the gmail email?

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Thanks so much! Gmail please