I’m receiving a Warning: another user is using the same email address (again)

I supposedly had this fixed 3 weeks ago. I was told it was connected with my son’s account.

The message is back (has been for a while, just finally am trying to fix it). The main problem now is when I click to edit my profile, it opens up the other website with my sons info in it, and I can’t get to my profile.

Thanks in advance.

it is odd - I think K’s unit made a new account for you 8/8/22 - which makes little sense as you are on their roster??? but it is fixed

That was probably my fault. I was showing another dad how to add me as a MBC for his son on mobile and did it wrong. I thought I “fixed” it, but maybe I didn’t…

Thanks (again).

I am having the same problem.

@PeterMoustakos that is fixed

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