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I think I missed something: Online Registration Sandbox

I thought I remember a mention of a sandbox where Commissioners could learn how to use the new Online Registration tools. Does it exist?


It is coming in the next few days!

The sandbox is not available until tomorrow. The Link is https://advancementspp.scouting.org/

Hi, Larry - Thanks for the link. Since I am not a Key 3 member of a unit, it won’t let me in. Is there a way for a Commissioner, ACC in my case, to get to the sandbox?

Hi Robert, we are currently waiting on a separate password that will allow access to the sandbox. please stay tuned and we appreciate your patience! Thanks!

Internet Recharter 2.0 Sandbox Access for Commissioners

Commissioners are now able to access a sandbox for them to become more familiar with the new Internet Recharter app. There are seven available sandboxes that can be accessed. As many people will want to explore this new software, the multiple sandboxes will enable adequate bandwidth to accommodate multiple users during the same time.

The multiple sandbox login details are listed below. Please note the following for access and use:

• url: Internet Advancement

o Username: Password

o Sandbox05 | Scouting123@

o Sandbox06 | Scouting123@

o Sandbox09 | Scouting123@

o Sandbox10 | Scouting123@

o Sandbox11 | Scouting123@

o Sandbox14 | Scouting123@

o Sandbox19 | Scouting123@

• The password is case sensitive, the username is not

Do NOT finish and mark “pay at the council” as it will lock others from being able to use that sandbox

• Be aware that the sandbox is using development software and is still under development – therefore there will be“bugs” and occasional errors appear. This will have noaffect with your use of the sandbox.

For additional information, please visit the following url to view the webinar training, FAQs, and the User Guide.

Internet Rechartering 2.0 | Boy Scouts of America

Finally, it is encouraged that each commissioner working with a unit contact and visit with their unit leaders engaged with unit recharter to compare notes, prepare the roster details prior to October 15, and assist each other to ensure a smooth and timely charter renewal.