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Internet Recharter 2.0 Sandbox Environment

On Wednesday, September 22, a sandbox environment will be open to begin exploring and training on the new Internet Recharter system. The link is https://advancementspp.scouting.org and it will allow units to “test” the recharter process before actually committing the actions permanently in the new recharter system when it opens on October 15. Units can access the sandbox using the same login ID as they use for Scoutbook or my.scouting. The password will be a generic password and will be circulated to councils and volunteers by Wednesday.

Be aware that the sandbox is a “Work In Process”, which means that many functions are still being finalized and that users may experience some issues. This is normal with pre-released software and there is no need for concern. Frequent updates will be made to enable a fully working system in time for the start of charter renewal on October 15


This platform seems to be working now - at least for True Key 3 - which is what I can test

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Seems to be working for me as well. I am stuck as a den leader for my pack (i’m the committee chair now) so I still can’t see that one, but was able to see my troop one.

So far I am pretty impressed. It looks like they used an old roster for it, but seems intuitive to use and navigate.

It is a hybrid roster of SB and Akela - so in theory you could have an unregistered on it and attach their registration to charter

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I tried it on my phone. It worked. It really should be recommended to use a desktop or tablet.

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Is there any way that anyone other than Unit Key 3 can access this. I tried last night after the webinar but it wouldn’t let me in as I’m not Key 3 or Advancement Chair (just Assistant Advancement Chair). Do I have to have one of the Key 3 designate me?

@CurtisAbbott The Recharter sandbox is currently only available to Key 3 – not Key 3 Delegates or Unit Advancement Chairs.

I am just sitting here hoping that the roll out of the real environment goes smoother than that of the sandbox.

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@JohnGeiser - keep in mind, there will be NO access for anyone other than Key 3 for certain. I know they are actively working on the K3+3 issues, but it seems to be a council-by-council issue. So, please, report your issue to your Council and have them submit a ticket to National. Do that now, so that the issue can be addressed.

I’m Key 3, and access isn’t working for me using my scouting.org login. I’ll report to my Council, too.

@BenjaminHeavner - I just tried the sandbox on my phone and it worked without issue. I am the CC for a troop, pack and crew.

I’m cc for a Pack only - perhaps that makes a difference? Login still not working for me.

@BenjaminHeavner you have 5 instances of CC for this year in the membership database all for the same unit - we have seen that cause issues - but we do not know what it means

@BenjaminHeavner You also have the functional roles of Unit Advancement Chair, Unit Training Chair, Key 3 Delegate, and Registration Inquiry for your pack.

As Committee Chair, you should not need any of these functional roles, because unit Key 3 already have access to the tools (Training Manager, Organization Manager, etc.) at my.scouting. I am not sure, but these extra roles might be causing a conflict.

You can just add those roles under scoutbook and it shouldn’t affect the system like it might be with my.scouting I believe.

Hrm… though it sometimes feels like the work of 5 people, that seems not quite right. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to clean that up, but I’ll pass the observation along to my Council. Thanks for the detective work! I’ll try the login again after my council cleans my record up.

I suspect those functional roles predate my becoming committee chair - things got a little bumpy as I started over the course of the last couple recharterings. I’ll ask my Council to clean that up, too.

@BenjaminHeavner You can to end them yourself by using the Organization Manager → Position Manager at my.scouting. Then wait 24 hours for the overnight process to run.

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Done, thanks! I’ll try the login again tomorrow after that processes.

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I am viewing the recharter sandbox version, but it appears to have loaded a roster from 2 years ago - it doesn’t match the current/accurate roster that appears on my.scouting.org.