Recharter Sandbox Access - Invalid username and password

Our unit recharter is in March. I’ve been trying to access the recharter sandbox at and get a message indicating that my username/password is invalid. I have no problem accessing or I am two of our Key-3s, i.e. COR and Committee Chair. Has anyone else with a March recharter tried to access the sanbox? I have seen some conversations regarding the December recharters but nothing for March in the forum.

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@JohnLowen - that is NOT the site to use for recharter That is the sandbox or testing site. Please go to and on the left will be recharter click on that.

Beyond that I just logged into the sandbox and my only access is to my son, so what ever had been there for testing on recharter is now removed.

I’m trying to use sandbox for a test run and can’t get in. I can access the regular site.

@JohnLowen I just got in - use your standard user/password

@DonovanMcNeil - i guess since all of my charters posted i am left with what redults in the scouting app display

@DonovanMcNeil I still can’t get in. I can get into but when I try the sandbox at, I get a message indicating “Invalid username and/or password provided”


I am using the same credentials for both

Per your request, my ID is 127753289

The current rules for sandbox access are those who are without three months of their charter expiring.

Any updates on this issue?

Did you mean “within” or did you mean outside the 3 months? Our charter expires on March 31.

Within. I’ll pass along your info to see why you don’t have access.

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