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IA 2.0 Eagle Application issue and question

Internet Advancement 2.0 has the neat little trick to produce a mostly filled out, current revision, ESRA (Eagle scout rank application). The problem is that it does not put in the FULL LEGAL NAME (cause that’s on the app as preferred), even though all my Scouts have their FLN in the database. Clearly (to me anyway) a bug that I’d like to report via this post.

Also, in Req 3, the merit badges, a few of the badges get my unit number populated in them, but most do not. I have been trying to connect the dots on why some get the unit number and most are blank. Any insight into these two items, would be appreciated.

the Middle name is an Issue between AKELA and Scoutbook reported this morning for a fix.

The Unit Number sometimes gets confused if they are Dual registered

It is a fillable PDF so it is easy to go in and update

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Thinking on the MBs @GanttEdmiston - If I recall it looks for Membership dates that align with the MB Date - if you have not been using SB before the 1/1/19 (that is off memory so may be wrong by a month or 2) date when all scouts were added to SB, then the system has no membership to compare it to so that is likely why it is blank.

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The problem reported AND fixed back in July, with the missing middle name on the IA2.0 generated Eagle application, is now broken again. Since the fix in July, I have personally generated and used two ESRA that include the full legal name. Tonight (9/8/2019) I attempted to generate another ESRA, and the middle name is no longer included in the generated ESRA. What happened? Can this be fixed again please?

@GanttEdmiston it is still functioning with Middle name - just tested - I suspect the scout you are using does not have the name in the national system perhaps

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I also just tested, and middle name is showing up for me. Have you checked the Scout’s name in your Member Manager roster at Is the Scout’s middle name included there? If not, then contact your council Registrar to get it corrected. Also, the form is editable.

Today, Tues Sept 10, 2019 - I went to and selected two Life Scouts.
Both Scouts (as are ALL my Scouts) have their full legal names in My.Scouting - Member manager reports. I also checked with my Council Registrar - She assures me that these two Scouts, have their full legal names. I won’t post screen shots here, in public, but I can provide this evidence, if needed.

I ran Eagle Scout Rank applications, again today, for both, and they both only list their first and last names.

Something is not working, for me.


Go to and log in with your ID and password. Click on My Dashboard -> Administration -> Troop -> Troop Roster -> Scout -> Edit Profile. Let us know if their middle name is included. Let us know if it is there or not.

I know you don’t usually use Scoutbook but this will help us narrow down the source of the problem.

When you first reported this (around July 7) we told DEVs and asked to update Member Update (the process that brings in AKELA/my.scouting membership data). We thought it was already running now but apparently it is still in testing.

AH! So following your exact diagnostic, I did find these Scouts, WITHOUT, full legal names in Scoutbook. I edited their records, adding their middle names, and VOILA!, the generated ESRA now contains their full legal name.

So… this then, poses a different question: Scoutnet has full legal names, my Registrar has confirmed that. My unit does NOT use Scoutbook, as their Unit management system, however I personally use it as I am the Council Scoutbook admin for MBC.

This bugs me, because it seems that AKELA did not get a full data feed from Scoutnet, whenever it got seeded. I have 87 Scouts, why do I now seem to need to manually update all my records?

A fix for this is being tested already - we just do not know of release yet

@donavanMcNeil Please specify: The “fix” you reference, is that for the missing middle names? Or the ESRA issue?


The fix is for Member Update to include the middle name when it updates the Scoutbook database. There are 2 pieces to the fix.

  1. Include middle name when Member Update makes a change in Scoutbook due to a change in Akela (the BSA person database).
  2. Push the middle name to all individuals currently in the Scoutbook database.
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Excellent, thank you all.