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IA Activity Log for Select Scout

AdvChair: When I goto IA and run an activity log report for a scout in our troop, the results returned are for the selected scout and my son (not selected). Saw this on PC last week and on phone safari this evening.

Anyone else seeing this?

I had the same result last week when running the activity summary report and clicking on one scout for their log.

TiA Charles Collings

Yes, this is a new bug. I have reported it to the developers, but I do not know when it will be fixed.

@CharlesCollings This bug should be fixed now.

They fixed it to where I can’t get an activity log at all. I click RUN and nothing happens. I click PDF and it gives me a pdf of the option selections.

@FrankTurner I think your issue is recharter.

When you log in at my.scouting, click on your avatar picture in the upper right corner, then “My Profile”. Scroll down until you get to the Registrations section. What do you see for your registered positions there?

The Troop, Ship, and Venture Crew all showing expiration dates of 12/31/20.

Looks like the paperwork hasn’t gone through.

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