IA Calander Issues

The new Calander doesn’t hold formatting for the event description such as line spacing. When the event is saved, all spacing and formatting is removed, and all the text is just line after line and very difficult to read.

Also, when the email is sent out, the time on the email this is distributed is in Central time, for where I am it should be Eastern time. It has been a problem and very confusing to families.


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@DarrenFerlazzo - i would first make sure your unit time zone is set correctly in IA

Pretty common to remove double carriages - but I will ask

Hi Steven,
I have checked it several times. We are set for the New York time zone, please see attached.

This is my Calander invite.

This is what it provides in the email.

Thanks for your help.

@DarrenFerlazzo is it just the ASAP reminders doing that

From what I can tell as of now, it is just the ASAP reminders doing this because it is being sent out through IA. The additional reminders are being sent out through Scoutbook, so them seem to be ok.

If I use the send now function in Scoutbook it seems to be ok.


I second the issue with formatting. I tend to put info in a Who, What Where, When layout. I bold those titles, include links for google maps and webpages, and underline/italicize key information. I just tried adding the postponed egg hunt to the calendar and did all that formatting using the format buttons in the event description box and leaving blank lines between sections. When I saved the event, the nicely formatted event info was replaced with one large paragraph that changed the formatting to the underlying “coding” (i.e. [b, [i, [u, [url=… I left out the ending “]” here in case it tried to format in this box).

Here is another thread about calendar formatting issues: IA Calendar description formatting working on and off

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