IA Calendar Email Notifcation links go to Scoutbook, not IA2

I created a Troop Meeting in our IA2 calendar and chose to send an email reminder. The links for “Event Name” and Unsubscribe “here” are both linking back to a URL on scoutbook.scouting.org/xxxx rather than to the new IA2 calendar (would that be advancements.scouting.org?).

Thank you for all the work people are doing on making the calendar better!

@AaronGjerde - that is because the scoutbook calendar is still the primary calendar

It is still using the SB system to send reminders - that is not built for IA yet

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil and @Stephen_Hornak for the explanation.

We’ll wait until email notifications are moved to IA2 before using this, as virtually none of our parents or scouts are using SB at this point - would love to just teach them the Scouting App and IA2.