IA Calendar Errors with SB Den Leader Experience Events


All events generated in the SB Den Leader Experience display an error message when viewed in the IA Calendar in my profile. The error is related to “calendar event not found for the given calendarEventId” which is detailed in the screenshot attached.

In addition, some events generated in SB Den Leader Experience have a longer Event Name allowed in the IA calendar. The Event Name in IA has a “Max 35 characters” but the SB Den Leader Experience generates Events with the name “Meeting 4: Building a Better World 3 of 3” which exceeds this limitation. If you edit the event in the IA calendar you will need to rename the event with a shorter name to save any changes.
Screenshot IA SB

Is the IA Calendar expected to work together with the SB Den Leader Experience?


@Rick.Sedivec - please do not use the DLE…

@Rick.Sedivec have you tried a SHIFT + Refresh page?

The SB Den Leader Experience is a tool used by all our den leaders for planning and scheduling meetings. I am confused as to why DLE is being discouraged.

Hi, the SHIFT + Refresh is no different, I tried it in Edge and Brave browsers (Windows 11 & iOS) with the same result. - Thanks

There are bugs and limitations that haven’t been worked on since it came out a few years back.

It is unfortunate that there are long-standing issues in DLE. I have been using it for 3 years and had some issues with login and notifications but no major show stoppers. Den leaders need all the help they can get. :wink: I hope that these errors get reported so that new issues are not created.

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