Error loading DLE Initial Setup Meetings and Edit Meeting from DLE

I am receiving an error when attempting to update calendar events in DLE. I received the same error on the initialization of the DLE environment for a new Den as well, but the pre-configured meetings did get configured. Error received:

*Whoops! *
You are not authorized to access to this API. (M401)

Have the API credentials been incorrectly configured for the move of the calendar system to IA?


@AaronJestrab - i do not think there is actually any support for the DLE. You may want to just use scoutbook completely.

Why would support for Den Leader Experience and calendar management be removed. This is part of the “ScoutBook” offering and is featured on the Scoutbook page.

It seems as though it is partially working as it did actually add the calendar events (though still giving the error). Now within Den Leader Experience I am presented the ability to edit the event, however if i change the date the error occurs and does not complete.

This is a bug report associated with the calendar migration perhaps I should have placed this in that thread. I will attempt to update the associated thread.

@AaronJestrab - I do not expect the DLE will be around for long… so no dev time has been allocated to it in some time.

Will there be a new tool available and perhaps centralized in IA? This is a valuable tool that does need some changes to make it more user friendly but the interface and functional plan of the tool is great. It has been integral in bringing in new leaders.

Is there a full roadmap for the over hall of the tool bag we use daily (ScoutBook, DLE, IA, My.Scouting, etc…) It seems as though there are many siloed projects that should come together to build a comprehensive solution.

@AaronJestrab - I honestly doubt there will be a replacement for the DLE… we shall see what the new yea brings. The BSA does not publish its roadmap


There have not been any announcements regarding the future of DLE and the BSA does not publish a roadmap.

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  • No official announcements of DLE going away
  • No Roadmap to help us understand the future vision and ecosystem
  • Seems to be getting more de-centralized
  • Dissatisfied user base


  • It seems that there is assumption that it is going away.
  • The feature is prominently displayed and promoted on the landing page for Scoutbook.
  • Councils promote the use of Scoutbook and DLE.


  • Uncertainty creates a poor user adoption
  • Reduces confidence in the use of the tools by instilling doubt in the user group of stability.
  • Creates reluctance for leaders to drive our packs / troops to use these tools
  • Eventually drives us away from the ecosystem provided by the BSA to paid tools where we have stability, better functionality, and visibility to the future.
  • BSA is driving competition to ‘official software’
    ** Comparison of Boy Scout Troop Management Software - ScoutWiki
    ** Not limited to troop/pack management but also messaging: Spond, GroupMe, Band

How to fix this

  1. Create a road map
    a. Why hide the future
    b. Most companies are moving to public facing roadmaps as it is proven to help system adoption
    c. It is understood that Roadmaps will change
    d. Creates vision and reduces unknown anxiety for the user base
    e. Addresses many forum topics
    f. Clear path of when systems will be retired

  2. Centralize Systems
    a. Focus on User Experience
    b. KISS principle - Keep it Simple… for all users

  3. User Input
    a. I think the forum is good
    b. Is there a panel of actual users of the systems? If so how do you become involved?
    c. Add in the feature request section a Voting option where users can vote for specific features to help identify the priority.

@AaronJestrab - talk to your council about this

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