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Requests for enhancements for event sign ups

There are several things that I would like to see added to the sign up feature for events.

  1. I would like to have functionality where someone could sign up for an event with a comment
  2. I request that we have a field for siblings (on a number of our events, we invite siblings)
  3. I would like to know if an adult is a driver for the event, and if so what kind of vehicle and how many seatbelts
  4. I would like adults to be able to specify that they are driving, but not staying
  5. I would like a simple output of sign ups by patrol

I put these requests into a comment on another thread, but then thought I should repost as a separate topic



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There are plans to do a major calendar update. All of these are on the requested feature list. At this time we do not have the final feature list or schedule.

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Hope the calendar update goes like the forum update and not like the SSO update… :grin:

I was just discussing these features tonight with our troop leadership as well. Tracking adults as well as siblings, with some of the cubscout district events adults and youths admission costs are different so having this feature in SB is neccessary.
This can be accomplished by having the ability to add questions to an invite. The event coordinator(s) should be able to create the questions. Examples:
Carpool?, how many seats are available?
How many adults are attending?
What role are you able to volunteer for? (Roles could be stated in the invite)
How many are staying for the event including your scout?
Generating a report that summarizes the answers to the questions in a CSV format would be helpful in tracking the additional information we need for events.

Scoutbook has this function in the user notes for the event. We regularly request people make comments. Parents can be invited to any event when it’s created. Siblings, potential scouts (friends) can be added in the notes section.
We also track drivers and special equipment in the notes.

Thank you

I would be more than happy to beta test - I have been a user of troopwebhost and scoutlander. Our troop (a brand new girl troop with 43 registered girls) has moved entirely to Scoutbook, but we are using google sheets to manage sign ups and driving for events.

User notes are not adequate when managing an event for a larger troop - we are using Google sheets to work around the current limitations of scoutbook