IA Calendar - RSVP to adults only missing

I’m trying to set up a committee meeting and there isn’t a select adults only option in the RSVP options. I have to manually select all adults or remove scouts. Neither of which I’m excited about. This could also be resolved by a meeting type for committee meetings?

@DarylPratho - I selected committee meeting in the IA calendar and it auto selected the adults…

This has been noted and on the list…

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I don’t have committee meeting in my list of available meeting types. It may be because Den Leader is listed before my committee chair role? Or maybe its still on the list.

@DarylPratho - is that your default position in scoutbook > my account > my positions

@Stephen_Hornak - Both den leader and committee chair were listed as default positions. I removed the default from den leader and will check back later if that makes a difference.

There is a ticket currently open that may address this issue

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