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Committee Calendar

Understand there’s a revamp to calendar functionality coming, however wanted to make sure captured/included/requested is ability to create Committee and/or Leadership meeting events.

That exists in the current calendar…

How? All I have options for are pack and dens. Unless I create a den of leaders I don’t see how. More details would be appreciated. Thanks

If you create an event of type “Committee Meeting” it will only invite adult leaders.

You can add an event, call it a committee meeting / den leader meeting or whatever, and only invite the adult leaders you choose. Other people can see the event on the calendar, but they aren’t invited to it, won’t receive invites, etc.

Thank you! I never realized those options were there and that you could even create your own invitee list via other!

Thanks Jennifer,

We use iCal a lot for our calendars. Will a committee meeting show on a parent`s (non-commitee) connected calendar in this case?

Yes, it will if they have subscribed to your unit calendar.