IA calendar sync issues

May or may not be a new issue. The plethora of posts are a bit overwhelming. That said, my SB calendar has been synced with my Google calendar ( I have a life outside of Scouts). No problems. Events were added to SB calendar after April 4, the changeover date. These new events are reflected in my IA calendar, along with existing events that were edited (YAY!!) I synced my IA calendar to Google by copying and pasting. NONE of my additions, entries or edits after April 4 are in my Google calendar. How do I fix this?

Which ICS are you subscribed to? to SB or the IA? Best to just delete it and make sure it is the IA one

@CharlesDavis3 - and you want to add via url. Once added it will fetch current data. Any changes will take 24 hours to sync

Thank you. I deleted every synced calendar from G-cal, then synced IA-cal and waited a day. There are now no synced calendars on my G-cal, meaning to manage my life I now need 2 calendars open at all times, requiring me to check 2 calendars before I can schedule anything. How is this an improvement?

@CharlesDavis3 this is good data to pass on to DEVs - we appreciate it

They may also want to know I synced by URL copy and paste.

Good morning. The IA calendar is syncing with Google now. Previously, I was trying to sync the way Google instructs to sync, the only way I knew. Then I found the SB+IA guide, which is not the same. After following instructions in the guide, syncing was completed on my PC, but not my phone (Android), which again, is the way Google does it. The IA calendar was listed, but not synced. That’s when I discovered in settings to individually turn on syncing. Now, all’s good. Thank you for your help. Your patience with us old non-tech guys is commendable.

That’s good to know that Google tells you to do it differently than our help guides. Thank you for sharing that.

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