IA Calendar not syncing with Outlook or any other mail program

So the sync was working up until today, now none of the old links are working, the new links are not ICS links so they don’t work. Not sure who the genius behind this rollout is but the ICS calendar functionality was reported when you guys tried to do this in October and it still doesn’t work.

That is critical functionality when you have a unit of over 150 scouts and 20 dens that need to subscribe to their individual calendars.

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@ChrisRamsey - the calender ics are working for me and our units on their google calendar

Seems to be working for me for both IA and SB. Did you recently copy the link or is this something you set up a while ago? What device/calendar type are you using? How did you copy the link?

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When I copy the link it is an API, not an ICS

https://api.scouting.org/advancements/events/calendar/xxxxxx. I can get these to work on mobile device but not through Outlook on PC

Jacob, when I click the link in the IA calendar I get this


This is not an ICS so it won’t work in Outlook, it does work on mobile device but not auto synced, last calendar update was 6 hours delayed

@ChrisRamsey - i was able to subscribe on outlook on my pc. And if this is a google calendar that subscribed then you are at the timing of that google sync.

It is an ICS just look at the file as text

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Google only refreshes ics events once every 24 hours. Apple’s iCal allows the interval to be set by the user.

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I wouldn’t post the link on the forums. I removed the numbers.

The external calendar applications (Google, Outlook, BAND, etc.) can subscribe to IA Calendar. When will IA Calendar be able to subscribe from the external said applications? I am using BAND for Troop communications and would like to create an event in BAND and have it synced to IA Calendar to keep up with attendance, service hours, etc. The functionality does not exist or I cannot figure out how to do it. Thank you.

I think this has been requested before, and rejected by BSA. I’ll defer to the SUAC folks if they have newer information. :^)

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Thank you Charley, I will stay tuned …

So I subscribed to all my dens ics links from IA to our Google calendar and made up some test events for each. A couple took almost right away, the last few took up to 2 days to show up in Google. I thought, “Okay, no problem. Just takes a minute”. I go to delete the test events and only two have deleted after 2 days, the rest are still in Google, Band, and my personal calendar. They are gone in IA and Scoutbook (have been since the moment I deleted them). Are these just stuck in perpetuity now? I don’t want to add anymore if I can’t delete or edit them.

Just for clarity, you had more than 2 test events, deleted more than 2 from SB+IA, and only two were deleted from google after 2 days?

@jacobfetzer - I’m having a similar issue. I updated the time of a pre-existing SB Event through IA. Both IA and SB are showing the revised time. However it hasn’t synced to my Google Calendar which was connected backed in September through an ICS link.


Google only updates ICS data once per day. Have you waited more than 24 hours to check your Google calendar?

@SherifFahmy1 - if you subscribed to the url in September i would suggest removing and re-subscribing to the url that are currently posted.

@edavignon - Yes. I’ve waited more than 24 hours and it still has not refreshed. What are the next steps to resolve?

@Stephen_Hornak - this is extremely problematic. Can you please confirm that there is no other alternative that can be worked in the back end or from a system design perspective? I am extremely frustrated by the response here resulting in me having to go tell the 50+ families in my pack that they have to go replace the linkages to their personal calendars.

@SherifFahmy1 - well this is not google support… They sync on a 24 hour basis. I can tell you that the time at which the IA calendar is updated is also a part of the 24 hour sync. If i update, delet or add something at 4:30 pm EST i anticipate that hitting our unit g-cal at around that time 24 hours later.