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IA Error - logged-in user does not have access to this API

I did a quick search on the forum and didn’t come up with an answer on this. I’m hoping someone else has seen this error in IA and knows what I’m doing wrong.

I entered camping nights for our scouts. Went into one of the scout’s profiles to make sure it logged and I get this error, “logged-in user does not have access to this API” I don’t get this error on other scouts. Also of note, none of the scout’s previous camping, hiking or service hours seem to have moved over from Scoutbook.

Any help is appreciated! Have a good day.

to see old stuff you have to click Filter on top right and check personal activities

I don’t see a filter option on the top right. I’m on the Youth Profile page for the individual scout.

On the top right, I have my name, the BSA logo drop down and the gear wheel for settings.

I don’t have this issue for any of the other 40 scouts.

in the above image - all SB logs should be showing there in totals - if they are not you need to send info to scoutbook.support@scouting.org

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