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IA Error Message for past week

I have been trying to verify Scouts’ activity logs for the past week, but continually get an “Error- System Error” message that pops up when looking at their profiles. To the right it shows zeros for all their activity columns, even though I know that is not accurate. I have tried accessing it via Chrome and Edge, from Scoutbook and separately, to no avail. Where have their histories gone?


I have notified the developers.


Are you looking at a Scout or an adult? I have been told by the developers that if the account does not have a BSA Member ID in Scoutbook the error will occur. They will be developing a fix where logs can not be recorded if there is no Member ID.

Can you provide the Member ID for the individual you are having the problem with?

Here are some members I have noted. It seems to be widespread within T215, not so much in T219, and sporadic in P219. The only relative pattern I can see is it seems a little more common in those that have been registered for longer, though there is even a set of twins where one account displays fine, but not the brother’s.




Thanks for the help!

Thanks Heath, I have passed this information on.

IA 2.0 has always given me issues, yet I am trying to log some hikes and camping and have been getting this error for a month and nothing seems to be getting fixed.



You’re screen shot did not upload.

hi - we have been getting emails & texts from parents and den leaders they can’t get hikes to add from their phones in IA. I tried this morning and got the same error message -
screenshot attached.

I was able to go in and add the information from my laptop - but the majority of our pack parents are young enough to NOT want to do the IA tracking this way. They expect to be able to do this all from their phones since they were told it would work. For the pack it was easier when activity hours/camping and miles were trackable in Scoutbook itself since the accumulation doesn’t count toward rank advancement, in our pack a Cub earns points toward a neat pack award for miles/hours/nights camped - as a way to encourage them to do more outside.

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Lianne Thank You great points!

First I apologize that the screen shot did not upload, but Lianne seems to have exactly the same issue. I waited until our recharter was complete to make my post, and double checked that I am still CC in my.scouting with full permissions yet I still can not log any activities for our unit again.

I concur with Lianne, that the scoutbook and the mobile app combination worked great for our Pack, as young busy millennial parents often do not even own a computer or a printer anymore and simply use their smart phone, and like to log the event right after completion.

IA 2.0 is a terrible monstrosity mess of software, and maybe BSA biggest blunder especially with COVID-19 and many units having to scout remotely.

Ironically I remember warnings not to use IA if the unit was using scoutbook, now BSA trend is to steal working and functional parts of scoutbook and try and force users to use IA.

Another irony is BSA is streamlining their support staff, supposedly giving those functions to Council, yet when I go to District or council they no nothing about scoutbook, IA, or the mobile app.

I can not do anything but view in my.scouting which is great for online training but that is about the full extent of what this site offers units, be a scout does not work, online applications do not work, tracking leads do not work. JTE service hours do not work.

The real work horse for Cub Scouts is scoutbook, where I can build dens, and assign girls to female dens with female leaders. I can quickly run reports for approval and awarded. I can manage my unit visually as icons for ranks, achievement’s, and awards populate with hour glasses showing the scouts progress, all very intuitive and makes our one hour a week perfuming administrative duties easier.

IA is the mirror opposite slow, inaccurate information, difficult to navigate, no possibility of editing so it becomes worthless to the Pack.

So how do we fix our problems?

I am having a problem accessing my son’s Hiking activity log. See screenshot below. At first I thought maybe it was because my Key 3 Delegate status shows “Expired” as of December 31, 2020. But then I figured I should still be able to see his hiking log because I’m his parent, regardless of my Key 3 delegate status. Is this a known issue? Thanks.

You probably need to toggle the setting in the troop right corner to parent from whatever it’s defaulting to (e.g. an ASM or MC position).

If you are having IA issues - ALWAYS post the MID you are using to log into IA with your post please

Our BSA ID #?

Is there another place that we should be entering in these issues that we are having as users of IA?

Tonight I had emails from parents because I now have Pack parents who cannot add hikes in for just their own scout.
Is there somewhere we should be directing the parents to so they can let the developers know when they have these problems?

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Yes, MID (member ID) and BSA ID are synonymous in this context.

There is no direct contact with BSA IT or member support for volunteers or parents any more. It’s just the forums here to report bugs and issues. Either SUAC or other volunteers can assist in diagnosing and potentially resolving the issue, or SUAC has methods to escalate certain items to the development team for review on that end.

Thanks for clarifying that. This may seem snarky - and it really isn’t the intent at all - I’ve been looking bac through to see what I missed. Seems like I missed the part about needing to provide our name and ID when reporting an IA issue. And that this is the only place to report an issue with the advancement recording mechanism we have to use.

Since record keeping is really important as scouts advance toward Eagle it seems that BSA would find some money somewhere to ensure that their electronic systems are up to snuff and accurately recording those details.

Even at the Cub level, parents are accustomed to seeing data on their child from school and have come to expect it from Scoutbook and all the volunteers as well

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I am also having issues today with constant error processing requests messages when trying to view any scout in our troops info. My member id is 12130169. I believe it is more of an issue with the system based on other peoples posts though and since the reason I was checking is because I was contacted by parents because their scouts were missing service hours that I know I entered months ago. Also the activity calendar is giving the same error processing request message.

This change was made last year (February?) when BSA had broad layoffs at the national level, including the vast majority, if not all, of their support personnel. The only interface to member care is now through your council professionals. The only interface for Scoutbook or IA support is through the groups here or through your council professionals, although my general recommendation is to start here. Many councils don’t have people with the skill set and experience with Scoutbook/IA that SUAC has (although in fairness, I suspect many if not all of the SUAC folks may be their respective councils’ Scoutbook Champion).

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Is there an estimate as to when this error will be fixed?

I can see how many nights of camping total for each Scouts, for example, but I cannot see the individual dates NOR can I enter in any information.

This is a HUGE issue!!

I have not enjoyed this “update.” It was much simpler when it was a function on Scoutbook not on IA.

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Having a similar issue. When I try to pull up a activities report, I get this:

No activities are listed but I can still see the roster.

I am signed in as a Key 3 delegate for my unit. Our recharter for 2021 was processed on 1/20/21 and the updated rosters appeared in SB on 1/21/21.

Chuck Olson
Troop 463
Atlanta Area Council

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Chuck, when was your Key 3 Delegate functional role re-designated?