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I created an event for our summer camp trip and it successfully saved. But when I went to add people to the event, it will not save and I simply get the message “Error: An error occurred while processing this request”.

I’ve tried creating a different event and adding people before I saved, but that did not work either (the event did not save at all). Not sure what is going on.

Something similar to this was discussed at length in another thread. The bug has been reported to development, but the work-around for now is to create the event and include the attendees at the time of creation. I’m not sure why that’s not working for you, though.

What’s your role in the unit, and is that reflected at my.scouting.org? Only certain registered leader and functional roles have access to edit and approve activity log events.

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I think the workaround is to start on the roster page, select the attendees, then create the activity – instead of starting on the Activity page.

Ah. It worked the other way (activity & participants from activity calendar page) for me yesterday. Whatever works, though. :^)

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That worked, thanks! I had to delete the original, and I also got on desktop instead of mobile. So maybe that was it as well. Thanks!

Oh my goodness this is so much easier than what I’ve been doing, which is going to the Activities, creating, then adding people (I find the adding of people to be cumbersome). I just complained about this feature as part of another discussion. I will definitely try this method next time! I haven’t had the error (recently) that the other person experienced but this method of data entry in terms of picking people looks to be easier. How have I missed this?!

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