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IA Rank--None Started (Is a Wolf)

My cub did not start as a Lion, he started as a Bobcat/Tiger. IA has recorded that he completed, and was approved for the Bobcat and Tiger ranks if I hover over the rank icons under ‘Not Approved Ranks’. He is currently working on the Wolf rank. The ‘Ranks’ section says he has not started a rank. See picture to clear up confusion. How does this get fixed?

As there are no Rank Requirements completed - that is why it says that - it is working as designed - parents are better off to stay at scoutbook.scouting.org

He did not complete Lion rank, he HAS completed Tiger and Bobcat. It shows the correct rank from his den leaders’ IA account. I’m also a trained scout adult and pack chair committee member, so not just a parent.

Better said - seeing where an individual scout stands is more Robust in Scoutbook as opposed to IA - that aspect of IA is not fully supported

Thanks for the clarification.