Ranks not appearing as approved in IA

My Scout shows as approved/awarded both her Tenderfoot and 2nd Class ranks in Scoutbook. It also shows as awarded in IA, but not approved in IA so her IA rank is still “Scout”. What have I missed that I need to do to make these match?

The crazy part is if I hover over the ranks in the “not approved” list, it literally shows the date they were approved.

If it matters, I’m also advancements coordinator for her troop so I should be able to do whatever needs to be done to fix this. I just can’t figure out what it is.

Link to screen captures of her IA records - Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 10.00.03 AM.png - Google Drive

The left part of the screen shot shows Scout, Tenderfoot and 2nd Class were awarded, which means they have been approved. When I look in the DB, I also see where they were approved. I believe there may be a bug in the right part of the user interface. I have reported this to the developers.

Gasp! A bug? In IA/SB??

Sorry, I’m really just kidding. I feel like finding bugs like this is one of my super powers. :joy:

Thank you for the assist!

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