IA Sub-Unit (Den) Calendars Disappeared

Good Morning!

Recently (within the last 72 hours) all of my Den calendars have disappeared from my ability to select/view them in IA Calendar. They used to be there as I could see them and engage with them normally as of this past weekend, however when I went in this morning to look up the date for something, the only option I have to select/view is the Pack level calendar.

I am in the right IA profile for my Pack (706/Heart of Virginia Council) and Role (Cubmaster) so should have full admin access to view them all. I still see them when I click on the link to the legacy Scoutbook calendar, so can see any old events that were input there previously, but cannot see anything new that has been added into the IA Calendar.

Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Raymond
Cubmaster, Pack 706
Heart of Virginia Council

@Michael-Raymond try a Hard Refresh - hold SHIFT and Refresh the page

Sub-units messed up a few days ago - a fix yesterday failed - but they think it should be working now

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Thanks for the update! I was on mobile yesterday so couldn’t do the hard refresh, but got on on my PC this morning and it looks like it’s resolved.