Eagle rank from 5/21/2019 not showing in IA2.0

I’m trying to help a Troop in my Council. For privacy reasons, I won’t list the 16 year old Eagle’s name, but suffice to say, I’ve confirmed with the Council registrar that the Scout earned Eagle 5/21/2019. In her view via Scoutnet, she sees his Eagle date and that he earned a Bronze palm. This was 5+ months ago. The problem is that when the unit goes into IA2.0, they can see his latest rank is Life, and that he has a Bronze Palm. What they cannot see, is his actual Eagle rank! They have contacted the national helpdesk (ticket HD-219459 Eagle Scout not showing up in Internet advancement)
This ticket was marked resolved and closed, yet the problem remains.
They are looking for someone else to intervene and help sort out this issue.
If you are a member of SUAC, direct message me at gantte@ocscouts.org and I’ll share any specific data you may need. Thanks!

@GanttEdmiston I direct messaged you

Could also setup a screen share

I’m available now if you are, how would you like to proceed?

Can you log in to IA2 for that troop? @GanttEdmiston

@GanttEdmiston David can post here and we can do a screenshare so I can look in the IA2.

I cannot login as that Troop, sorry, see my external email

If BSA allowed Council level administrative access, it would be great!

I just called David Goodwin
I left him a msg and will try to get you two together.
Did you get the email?

Member Care’s job is to pass technical issues on to whoever can deal with it. My experience is that they have a different view of what “resolved” and “closed” means.

Donovan: Does our registrar need to adjust the Bronze palm date? Is that the reason for missing Eagle not showing? Please advise. Thanks

@GanttEdmiston I doubt it but as they are 6 days off would be an interesting test

Ok, we will adjust and see, thanks

@DonovanMcNeil Still no progress on this issue with T0325 - Just FYI

will see if I can hear anything

@DonovanMcNeil Just checking in for an update. The ASM for T325 has inquired if there was any progress. Remember that they originally raised an official ticket with the helpdesk, only to have it closed. Do you think another case would help? Or get different results? They just need their data correct in AKELA and shown in IA2.0 thanks

They are still trying to figure out

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