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IA will not allow entry of merit badge

I tried to enter a merit badge this morning (10/23/19 @ 7:50AM EDT). I selected the Scout from the roster, clicked Record Advancement, entered the completion date, selected “merit badge” as type of advancement, then selected Personal Management (Eagle) from the list. At that point, the screen “grayed out” with a message under Advancement Item box, “Checking Advancement status…” I waited 15 minutes (approx) and it never changed. The only way to get out was to click the “X” in the upper right corner, to close the box. Anyone else seeing this behavior?
Attached is a screen shot.


Noted - this will be reported

This is fixed now - please test

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Is there a way to do manual entry into Internet Advancement 2.0, like there was with IA 1.0?

@AliceLuciano - by manual entry are you referring to entering ranks, awards and merit badges. There is the record advancement button in the grey bar above the list of scouts.

Check box the Scout you want - then click record advancement

this is resolved, thank you

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