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Can't review scouts records

So when I try to look at a scouts record, nothing come up. It shows bars like it is loading something, but there is nothing there. It returns, error that there is nothing found.

Try logging off, closing your browser, and clearing cache.

Had already done that.

Same here, and this is a repeat of last week. In addition, I can’t enter merit badges - AGAIN! I’m getting the same grayed out boxes, and the same ‘Checking Advancement Status’ message, followed by “Error” a few minutes later. I am so beyond aggravated with this software!!

Can anyone tell me if there’s another option for getting advancement recorded with council/national. I have wasted hours now, when the old Internet Advancement let me finish this work in less than 30 minutes.

This has been reported to developers

I have to agree with needing a alternative way to do this. I appreciate what the BSA is trying to do with Scoutbook, but it is not ready and it lacks so many things that we need, we are sticking with our own website. In fact, we are only going to use internet advancement and do nothing with the rest of what is being pushed on to us.

Any good developer knows that you fully vet the system before switching it on. Nationals doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of what is needed, took on more than they can handle or went with a developer that isn’t up to the task. Maybe a combination of the three. A back up system is needed. Please bring back the old system.

Running to developers every time isn’t a solution and this is just is not ready.

Volunteer time is a valuable resource and this new systems is wasting it.

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Ditto. I could always work around problems with offline systems. Very frustrating…

This is fixed now - please test

There are plans on making it so you can go off like with IA and it will work, then you can after going back online.

It’s working now for me. I’m going as fast as I can to enter and confirm past entries.

Offline would be helpful, provided the software updates correctly once logged in. I’m sorry I don’t have much faith that it won’t just be another hassle to deal with.

As long as you already have logged into IA2 - you do not need internet - offline entry is already there. And to my testing it works fine. Not everything is available - but most basic stuff is @ShaunaWilliams

Not everything is available. Well that’s helpful. Offline entry is not there for those of us that do not and will never use Scoutbook. We need a reliable system. The original one, while old did something this one does not. Work!

Nice to know that these new higher national fees will be wasted on this.

The old system was running on obsolete technology. It needed to be replaced.

@RichardScalzo - thank you for having been involved but the old system had to be retired