IA2: Activity Log Report - Missing the Service Hours section

Good Afternoon All,
Observed a peculiar bug while running Troop Activity Log Reports via IA2. I can run/execute this report for both troops, one girls the other boys. It runs correctly for the girls troop but not for the boys troop. Specifically the Service Hours section of the report is missing. I’ve tried from MS Edge and Chrome, logging out closing browser, changing options such as date range and report elements to include - without same result
Anyone else experienced this behavior?

Note, I’m the UnitAdvChair for several years now and performed these same report just a few weeks ago.
VR, Charles

@CharlesCollings can you please post the url of the report that is missing service hours so I can pass info along to the developers?


Just reverified that the report works in girls troop but not in boys troop. Link above is url for requested report missing sevice hours.

@CharlesCollings, can you try the report again? The developers performed a small fix and want to see if this was the root cause or not.

Yes and No. The report will return Service Log data when Service, Conservation, Camping, & Hiking log options are selected. However, Service Log data is not reported whenever the “Eagle Service Project” option is selected. Tried several option select variations and it remains consistent - no Service log data when eagle service project option is selected.

Are there events tagged as Eagle Service Projects in the logs? I wonder if it’s acting as a filter.

As a report for the whole troop - yes, some service events are tagged as supporting an eagle project.

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Just thought I’d ask. I’ve had issues in other software where I thought a flag was additive, but was actually exclusive. If there weren’t any that were labeled as “Eagle Service Project”, it might be “correctly” returning a blank list. :⁠^⁠)

I am not sure if “Eagle Service Project” is intended to report the actual Eagle Service Project numbers (from Eagle Scout candidates’ workbooks) or the category “Assisted someone else’s Eagle Project”.

Will need to ask and find out.

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Thanks @CharlesCollings. This extra information will help. I’ve passed it along to the developers for further troubleshooting.

You are correct. The Eagle Service Project option only prints a small summary of the total hours worked on each Eagle Scout’s project (their own hours + all others with no delineation) and only if the information has been entered via the new feature set. These are in a section separate from “Service Log”.

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