Incomplete Activity Log Report, Missing Events

Good Evening All,
As UAC for Troops, running activity log report for a Scout BoR and discovered that it’s incomplete, missing service events that I’ve recorded. Double checked by viewing the Scout’s service record directly from his profile, which shows the missing events. I also ran a log report for the entire troop and found similar events appear to be missing from the log report. Some events are conservation hours and other are not.

BSA ID: 130409971

VR, C. Collings

It’s possible that the Show Individual Activities box us not checked. That’s usually what trips me up.

@CharleyHamilton When accessing the activity log report, I don’t see an option regarding individual activities.

SUAC, tested the activity log report again today and believe I see the problem more clearly. Previously when both service and service options were checked the report included data and totals as separate lists.

What am seeing now is that report returns only conservation service hours (and no regular service) if the conservation option is checked.

Was this an intentional change to the report or is it a bug in options selected?


The developers just pushed a bug fix a few minutes ago.

Could you please try again?

There is a “Filter By” option on the Activities page in IA 2.0. Make sure you select all of the options.

Hrm…It’s been a while since I ran a log report, but I was pretty sure there used to be a separation of the individual activities from the “unit” activities. Maybe I am mis-remembering the situation and it was only in the “calendar” display. I agree that I am not seeing the tickbox that I expected to see in the report interface.

I am, however, seeing both Service Log and Conservation Service Log headings show up in the report when I run it. Maybe it was resolved by the patch @JenniferOlinger noted?

@JenniferOlinger Thank You. Yes, it appears to be running correctly now, reporting both Service and Conservation Service entries.

I noticed this bug recently as well. It seems to only be happening on the last Scout on the Troop Activity report. When I run the activity report on the Scout, all of his campouts are there. I just tried this before entering this.

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