iCal fed calendar events showing different times on different devices

This is our site… http://www.pack802.rocks

This is what I see on mobile…


@DavidO - oh man i am in for a long pack meeting… but i see that camping trip starting at 6pm as the scoutbook grab shows. So there is something up with how your devices gather time.

The March pack meeting is Friday 7pm

Wait… your calendar is showing saturday March 5… you should be behind my current time

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OK. I appreciate you troubleshooting with me.

Not sure the inconsistency makes me feel any better.

@DavidO - oh heck no and like i said i totally understand and it would drive me nuts. Now do you run any vpn or redirects on your devices like nordvpn

Nope. iPhone on AT&T. Same on in-house wifi internet.

@DavidO - so here is my view of your pack calendar:

Screenshot 2022-03-05 003030

I gather those times are correct

Yes, those look correct.


@DavidO - yeah exactly… aaarrrggg… let me think on this… I don’t want to keep both of us up all night… although based on how you are seeing dates and times… :slight_smile:

You know you are seeing things as UK time… i think… dang

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One other data point that would be helpful, are email reminders coming to you with the correct time and timezone shown?

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Good point.

Yes, they also appear to be correct.

More points of data.

From my kids Fire Tablet. 5PM-8AM…

And my Moms phone. 11PM-4PM (military time)…

So, that tells me that your unit’s time zone is set correctly in SB and the device that entered the events is on the same time zone at least.

I am correct that you live near Chicago? In IL even?

If you use both of those devices to pull the event up directly in Scoutbook, do they all show the correct time?


I’ve never seen it show anything different than what’s correct inside the SB website.

That’s good… mostly. It does seem like the issue is probably specific to the iCal/Google then. I know that’s where you started. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as simply as it may appear. The SB UI uses your device timezone for display and converts the event to CT in order to store in the DB. Then, the email reminders convert it to the timezone in your edit Pack page. I’ve seen plenty of times when people saw the right time on their device but the event was actually saved incorrectly since the SB picked up the wrong TZ from the device. All of that seems to be working since you consistently see the same time for the UI and emails.

Unfortunately, I’m not as versed as others in how the iCal feeds embed into Google calendars. I know Stephen has done this before. Hopefully, he has some other ideas.

@DavidO - i am still working through this but this is something to look at

@DavidO - I have found something interesting. If I log into chrome with our pack g-account here is what the calendar shows for your pack:

The same thing holds true for my pack as well

@DavidO - and found this:


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Good find! I wonder if that’s it?

But this is in Safari mobile. 5PM-8AM…

I think Edge and Brave are now Chrome/ium based, but I didn’t think Safari was.

This is Brave mobile. 5PM-8AM…

So on iOS browsers… Safari and Brave are 5PM-8AM and Edge and Chrome 11PM-2PM.

Some consistency, but nothing correct. One hour could be daylight savings related?

@DavidO - just for the fun of it… could you try those browsers in private or incognito mode and see what the results are ?

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Good question. They’re all showing 5PM-8AM